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POSITIONDescription Full Time or Part TimeExperienceDayHourly Wage
Helper A help to manage products Full Time, 12:00PM-11:00PM1 YearMON-THU$?/HR
Cashier Acashier job Full Time,12:00PM-11:00PM1 yearMON-THU$?/HR
Helper Bhelp to manage productspart time, 11:00AM-?PM1 year?$?/HR
Cashier Bcashier job part time, ?PM-?PM1 year?$?/HR
Helper Chelp to manage products Part Time, 16:00PM-23:59PM1 yearFRI-SUN$?/HR
Cashier Ccashier jobPart Time,16:00PM-23:59PM1 yearFRI-SUN$?/HR
Helper D?Part Time,11:00AM-?1 yearFRI-SUN$?/HR
Cashier Dcashier jobPart Time,11:00AM-?1 yearFRI-SUN$?/HR
The above positions may not be accurate in terms of working hours, They’re not the latest updates .please contact us for a detailed job schedule.We only reply emails when we’re recruiting.
Please call us at 416-777-0886 or email resume to [email protected] if you are interested
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